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Bulk Density: Particle Size:
Free Flowing:   Yes  No Hygroscopic:   Yes  No
Bridging:   Yes  No Rat-Holing:   Yes  No
Tacky:   Yes  No Packs/Settles:   Yes  No
Angle of repose: Temp. of material:
      Does the temperature affect the material? How? (E.g. melting point <200 oF?)
      Is the material abrasive?    Very    Moderately    Slightly   No
      Will material chemically attack?   Carbon steel   Stainless steel   Polyester   Neoprene
      Is degradation of particle size or shape an important concern?
Conveying rate:    Steady Rate:
     Batch   Weight   Convey time   Off time
Vertical Distance: Horizontal Distance:
Height of Feedpoint: # of 90° elbows:
      Material to be fed from?   Hopper or bin   Screw conveyer   Flo-Trac   Other
      Discharges to:
      Parts in contact with material should be constructed of:
      Carbon steel (bare)   Stainless steel 304   Stainless steel 316   Other

      Installation site:
      Indoor   Outdoor   Elevation under 1000' ASL   Other
      Is a dust collection system installed in the vicinity?
       Yes    No
      Is compressed air available?
      Yes - PSI    S.C.F.M.   No
      Is power available?
       Yes - Volts:    Hz:    Phase:   No
      Explosion-proof or other special requirements
Noise restriction: dB-A    Is dust explosive?    Yes    No
      Sample being sent:
       Inspection only (1/2 - 1 lb.)    Testing (3ft3min)    Testing for degradation (12ft3min)  No
      Is sample hazardous to testing personnel? (Send MSDS):
       Yes   No
      Other comments
      Note: Drawings, specifications, etc. may be sent by email to: