Traveling Exhaust

Traveling Exhaust Solving Problems

Air Trac systems are designed to provide a new dimension to the use of close-capture hoods. No other system can match the flexibility and versatility of Air Trac when it comes to handling heat, dust, gasses or other mobile sources of airborne pollutants.

We have designed and offer several basic systems that can be used independently or in conjunction with one another to provide a clean air environment.

Air Trac traveling hood and Flexi-Trac systems are designed to capture harmful emissions from moving sources. Our systems capture crane and monorail related emissions from ladles, scrap buckets etc. Also work with moving conveyors such as trippers and shuttles.

Close Capture Hood Concept Saves:

  • exhaust fan energy costs due to smaller volume
  • energy costs for make-up air
  • capital costs due to smaller baghouse and make-up air systems.

We design, supply, install and service complete pollution control systems.